Kids-DJ Edwin


“I want everyone to be happy”

The driving force behind Blijwin is Edwin Rasser. The born artist, presenter and entertainer is mostly known for his work as a children’s DJ. His recognisable feature is his bellowing laughter. He enjoys working with children a lot. “I love the interaction. Children are honest in their reactions: they’ll always let me know if I’m playing the right music and whether it’s good enough. Children are very straightforward: by gauging their reactions I can immediately adapt to the atmosphere. I believe a party is only a success when I’ve been able to engage all children present.

Parties for children aged 4 – 13

Edwin started out with parties for the 8th grade (Dutch system) because he sadly never had an 8th grade party himself. Currently he has larger audiences and throws parties for children from the ages 4 to 13 (primary school children). He enjoys parties with only 10 children just as much as larger events on camping sites or festivals. “Smaller groups are more personal and it allows me to interact with the group more efficiently.”

Direct and honest contact with the children

Edwin is an idealist. His mission? A happier world. For almost ten years he’s been traveling throughout the country as a children’s DJ to give them the time of their lives – from living rooms to gyms, from camping sites to outdoor pools. “Things that make children smile make me smile as well. I’m – in a manner of speaking – also still standing in line for the roller coaster. That’s why I can connect to children easily”. Edwin also enjoys working with people with physical or intellectual disabilities: “Often those assignments are the most wonderful ones”.

Creative and supportive

Edwin would love to help you organise your party. “I can help you with anything and will answer all your question regarding children’s parties. I’m only satisfied when my clients are, and I’ll give you my 200%.” Edwin likes to share ideas and in his solutions he’s always creative: he enjoys the crazy, unexpected things. He’s always genuine when he communicates and he likes to pursue perfection in his parties, questioning how things can be improved even more.

Entertainment in 4 languages

Edwin has lots of entertaining experience in France, and is able to communicate in 4 languages – Dutch, English, French and German. Hosting parties in a different language, or multiple ones, is something he’s done before and truly enjoys doing. Of course, mistakes can happen, but he catches on quickly and it’s often ground for giggles, a joke or a game.

Typically Edwin:

Open, happy, spontaneous, perfectionistic, customer-focused, cooperative, entertaining in Dutch, English, French or German.

Kids-DJ Edwin

Kids-Dj Edwin

  • Lives in Leiden (Near The Hague and Amsterdam)
  • Born in 1989 (Leiden)
  • Dj since 2003
  • Founded Blijwin in 2015

How does it work?

1. Contacting us
You contact Edwin from Blijwin. He’ll tell you everything about the possibilities and rates. He can also inform you about the availability of a certain date or period.

2. Location
The location is arranged by the client. This could be your own place or a rented facility (a hall, restaurant, community building or sports club).

Kids disco by Blijwin
Kids DJ Blijwin

3. Food and drinks
The food and drinks are also to be provided by client. After all, you know best what the children like and dislike. However, if we may give you some advice: keep it simple. Would you like to eat cake with the children? Please discuss the best time to do so with the DJ.

4. Preparation
The DJ arrives 30-60 minutes in advance of the party in order to set up all equipment. He also makes sure to spend some time with the birthday boy/girl, so that he has a good idea of who they are and what they like.

5. The party begins
It’s finally time: all friends are coming in and Blijwin plays the best music and combines it with fun games. None of the kids are left standing still. Have you planned a break for the cake or gifts? Blijwin will make sure it starts at the right time. Blijwin can also oversee this break if that’s more convenient for you.

6. The party’s already over
The time flies during the disco. Everyone smiles and dances and before you know it, it’s already time. Blijwin ensures that all kids go home with a small prize. Some of your guests may stay over for dinner, but that’s entirely up to you, of course.

School party Blijwin
Check it out!

Customer Experience

Happy school children at school party

Mara (The Hague): I cannot wait to have another disco party with Blijwin and I absolutely recommend him!

My 6 year old son and all of his friends absolutely loved Blijwin's disco party! Edwin was amazing in getting the kids excited to dance (even if some of them were shy at first). They had the best time and danced non stop! My son was so happy and his friends said it was the best birthday party of year!

Edwin was very responsive via email before the party, he arrived on time and was amazing with the kids.

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Happy Smiley Blijwin

What makes Blijwin special?

  • We get an average score of five stars in reviews!
  • We’re only happy if you and all your friends are happy
  • We organise more than 100 discos a year, making us the leading expert on children’s disco parties in The Netherlands.
  • We give the best advice as to how to plan the show
  • We are child-friendly but not childish
  • We follow the latest trends and are up to date on the latest developments in the field
  • Everything is neatly organised and we use high-quality technology (JBL, Pioneer, etc.)
  • We offer a variety of extra services: photo booth, lasers, moving lights, etc.
  • We charge no travel fees within the Randstad region.
  • You can request tracks in advance – but you also request them during the disco!
  • Nobody will be idle at our discos!